Discount Gun Safes – 6 Things to Think About Before Buying

How do you find the best discount gun safes? There are a number of things that determine the price. Here are the 6 most important factors:

#1) Brand

The brand name will impact the price a little. Some companies compete based on price, whereas the more known companies can afford to charge more. Therefore going with a less popular company can save you some money.

#2) Size

How big it is will affect the price substantially. The larger ones will be pricier, but able to store more guns.
How many sizes are there?

There are many. Some models, for instance, can keep well over 50 guns, mostori whereas others can store just 1 or 2. The size you get depends entirely on how many guns you have.

But a safe is not just for guns.

You can also keep other things in them as well. A lot of people like to keep their high priced jeweler, cash, and other smaller things. In addition, you can store ammunition, pistols, etc. In other words, the size you choose depends entirely on what you plan on keeping in there.

#3) Thickness

The thicker the steel, the more you will pay. This is because it will be harder for someone to drill through it.

How is thickness measured?

It is done so in “gauges”. Every model will say how many gauges it is. The smaller this number, the thicker it is. And obviously the thicker ones are going to be pricier.

#4) Access system

This makes a HUGE difference in how much you pay for a discount gun safe. There are basically three different access methods out there: locking, electronic, and fingerprint.


Many models use a simple lock and key to open them. These are the slowest to open, because you have to locate and fumble around with the key before you can get to the contents. This can make a big difference if someone is breaking in. Therefore, the locking ones are the cheapest.


This has a keypad that requires a code before opening. This is a little faster than the locking system, and in turn a little more expensive.


This is the fastest, most secure (and priciest) of all. These require your fingerprint before it can open. Not only are they the most secure, but more importantly they are the fastest to open. All you do is wave your finger in front.

#5) Fire resistant

The more fire resistant, the price it will be. Just about every safe is built to withstand a certain amount of fire. But the more expensive ones can handle the most.

Who tests them?

It’s done by a 3rd organization, so you can be sure this number is true. The longer the safe can withstand fire, the pricier it’s going to be. For more info please visit these sites:-

#6) Where you buy from

In general, you will save money by purchasing online because online stores often have lower overhead expenses than offline. To save even more money, you can buy a used safe from sites like Craigslist or eBay.



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