Energy Healing – A CNN Report

Energy healing report on CNN was the last thing on my mind when I was trying to get the latest update on hurricane Ike yesterday. In the middle of hot breaking news about hurricane Ike and Obama versus McCain presidential race coverage, bunnydirectoriesCNN reported a rather unusual and surprising report on energy healing. The 15 minutes report interviewed numerous sources including Reiki Healers, and other energy healers who have helped various patients with cancer in major hospitals.

The report indicated that patients with energy healing session recover faster, they feel better physically and psychologically. This healing technique have been practiced a long time ago in the east, but for most westerners energy healing was only made public in early 90s. Reiki was quite popular during this time, and then Shamballa healing technique was introduced around 1996 in the UK then spread out to the US.

Energy healing is now quite popular to the westerners. The ritual, in the forms of symbols, that was quite noticeable in Reiki, then becoming lesser in Shamballa, now slowly disappear. The divine energy healing is undergoing major evolution. Now a practitioner does not need to do any strange ritual such as drawing symbols and mumbling some strange words, he or she only needs to relax, pray and affirm that he or she is a pure conduit of the energy.

The major evolution of the energy healing itself plays a major role in the further development of this very ancient yet very modern healing technique. Anybody who has received an initiation from a master teacher would be able to heal him or herself as well as help to heal others with ease. The more relaxed and more detached he is from the patient’s condition, the better the healing result is. This is made possible because the healing energy does not belong or come from the healer, but from The Divine Source.

After the initiation, a practitioner is expected to practice every day, a short 10-15 minutes a day would be enough. This practice only involved a self healing session, where he or she only needs to put both palms in the middle of the chest, pray, and affirm Divine Energy On. The healing energy will flow all over his body and help to harmonize all his or her energy system. Most diseases would take form in an energy disharmony before they manifested into real disease. A clairvoyant would be able to see this clearly in human body aura. Usually the body area where the disease is going to be manifested would be seen darker in aura color. Healthy body area usually have bright color aura. For more info please visit these sites:-

Energy healing is very natural and safe. The Divine energy healing will not cause any damage to your body, even to the most delicate organs such as brain, eyes or the heart. It has no side effect and it is very relaxing. Most patients would fall into the meditation state while doing self healing session. Researchers believe that this is one of the


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