A Different Kind Of Truth – What Is Love?

If animals had what we humans called feelings, bterapiaberles then perhaps the actions they take could be defined as love. A mommy chimp is often seen carrying around her baby in a way not at all dissimilar to a human mom. She may move instinctively if not thoughtfully, but she still manages to “show” love for her baby. Baby chimp clings tightly to mommy in a way that would suggest familiarity, he knows he is secure. Animals don’t want anything materialistic from each other, coloradowebimpressions indeed they have no materials. They take care of each other, because it is in their nature to survive and ensure the continuance for that particular species. uniquenewsonline

Why do we love our children? Is it because they seem to show us unconditional love? Or is it because we know instinctively, that their love is pure and unfiltered by adult ego and ambition?

With that said, where does love come from? Or from where should the love you feel come? What is the source of love? manguerose

As I have come to understand it, the source of love comes from our need to survive. We started socializing around fires for cooking, playing and surviving of Homo sapiens as a species. We are stronger in numbers; and that which connects us together is known as a mutual love for one another. On the most basic of level, love is the feeling which assures our survival. repcohome

If you look at love as an action, then you can understand how humans can survive on it. Love will make you take care of the very young, and the very old in your family; Love will make you take care of your mate. The more people you have loving you visa vise looking out for you, the stronger your chances of surviving and thriving. optimalremodel

The love most of us experience today, seems to come from the Ego. We have taken ourselves out of our wild environment, we have gained so much in material wealth. Now love is so confusing, some of us think love owes something to us, that we deserve to feel that good feeling. I love him because he can buy me anything, I love her because she is gorgeous. I love him because he makes me feel good about myself, I love her because I am afraid and alone. aslremodeling

We love because we need to, we love because we know it is our just inheritance. Our love for each other was born of survival, please don’t let it die of too much onslaught from that pesky thing we call Ego. 7mgg

True love can have no Ego.

Roxan Weir

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