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I am heartened (actually I am thrilled) that all the newest science about the brain (and mind) is supporting and confirming the scientific approach that I already use when I teach about this. This post introduces some thrilling and exciting aspects of using the mind – the subconscious mind – deliberately.

In 1989 I said that the exploration of Human Consciousness is one of the last great frontiers that quantum science is focusing on. I say “one of the last” because I also believe that another frontier is the proving, frontiernews in layman’s terms, the existence of “the Universal mind” (some call it the “Mind of God”). Those two frontiers are inexplicably bound together.

I have found Dr Joe Dispenza’s book “Evolve Your Mind” a veritable feast of recent science, which explains the deeper operation of the Human Brain and the Mind. “The Mind”, Dr Joe writes, “is the brain in action.” Another description of the mind that I like is “the brain at localletter work” or Baroness Professor Susan Greenfield’s expression: “The mind is the personalisation of the brain.”

An Example of “Quantum Physics”

My son-in-law, Stefan, told me of an experiment he carried out at university, whereby light passed through small holes onto a sensitive screen that measured the pattern of light hitting the screen. When the experiment was observed and then not observed, the pattern of light measured on the screen was different. That’s right! The very fact that somebody was observing the light, newspoke had an effect.

Think about it. Your energy effects matter. Your mind effects matter. Your energy matters. We all have a unique energy. The fact that you are in this world means that the world is a different place! Yes, that’s right! Your energy makes a difference. It’s a short jump to say that what you think matters. Mind matters! The study of all the above (plus other subjects) is Quantum Physics.

Every time we change ourselves, say from being an angry, or fearful, or vengeful, or negative person, we are changing our own energy, and therefore effecting those around us (and the world), in a different way. Wow! Aren’t we powerful. We have the ability to change, change our mind by using our brains.

Neural Pathways

I have previously written about how we establish Neural Pathways in our brain and how science has actually photographed the process. An example of beneficial neural pathways are how people can visualise (over and over again in their Peaceful Place, using emotion) the achievements of say a fantastic dive sequence, or a complicated move on the parallel bars, or shooting a basket, topicals or place-kicking a goal, or complicated dance steps… and then do all of these automatically. All wonderful examples of mind power!

Have you heard the expression “nerve cells (in the brain) that fire together wire together”, and hence the continual firing together forms a neural pathway. The more this pathway is used, the stronger and more established it becomes. Actions become automatic because the “body” basically takes over.

Another way of explaining this (from Dr Joe’s book) is that science has shown that when we quieten the internal chatter of our brain (going to Peaceful Place in Alpha and even more so by going from here into deeper meditation – the Theta brainwave state) we are using the frontal lobes of our brain in focused concentration to develop the neural networks in our neo-cortex (Left & Right brain) of whatever it is that we are working on to achieve with our mind.

Doing this over and over using great emotion (the language of the subconscious mind is emotion) develops the neural pathway. When it is automatic the memory of it moves into the seat of the subconscious – the cerebellum, which is in the mid brain or the Limbic System. The Cerebellum houses all our automatic actions – it is the keeper of what the body learns from the mind and is directly connected to all the circuits that fire in the Neo Cortex.

If you wish to learn how to use the power within you for Self Improvement then you can do that easily by Using Your Subconscious Mind.

There is a corollary to Wire Together, Fire Together

It is absolutely fantastic that science has shown that “there is an important corollary to the ‘fire together, wire together’ mantra. When we interrupt certain thought processes repeatedly, nerve cells that no longer fire together will no longer wire together. The good news is that those nerve cells don’t want to remain inactive. Instead, they seek out new connections and they use recycled neural growth factor to attach themselves to new neurons.” Page 396 of “Evolve Your Brain”.

This whole process is called pruning, and yes, science has filmed it. I have seen a video demonstrating “pruning” which to my untrained eye was a little hard to follow. meditation, subconscious mind, mind power.

Changing an Implicit Memory

When memories move to the subconscious mind, science is calling this “implicit” memory. Other memories or actions when they are not automatic is called explicit. In the process of forming a new habit we are going from explicit to implicit memory. For more details please visit:-https://tbadaily.com/ https://www.kulfiy.com/ https://pressmagazines.com/

Changing an implicit memory to get a better habit (smoking to non smoking) is a challenge because the familiar, or the Comfort Zone, is so seductive. The subconscious mind (the Comfort Zone) wants what it’s got – and not what it’s not got. So “pruning” has to take place.

Awareness is always the first step. Awareness of being a victim, a complainer, an angry person or challenged by unworthiness, a depressed person, an anxious person, a judgmental person… and more… is the first step to change. Wanting to change is the next step, that is, saying YES. The next step is doing it and that’s what I teach – how to do it.

Nobody said it’s easy. Try this – sit or lie down and draw an infinity sign in the air,? – (it’s like a figure 8 lying on its side), with either leg, and the figure 6 with either arm. Difficult isn’t it? If you use your will power, practice and visualisation after a while you could change the hard wiring in your brain.


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