Dog Harness Instructions: Why Is It Better For Your Dog?

Want to have a less stressful walk with your dog? Then it’s time to invest in a harness for your beloved dog. More and more owners are using harness for their dogs as it is safer compared to the traditional collars. What is a dog harness? It is a set of straps that is adjusted to fit the torso of your pet. For more dog harness instructions, read on.

Also there are a variety of harnesses, they work in the same principle – the strap is placed around and under the body of a dog to serve as body support. This ultimately gives the owner better control of his dog. Harness can be used as a tool for more effective control in dogs as they are naturally energetic.

Harnesses are better option than a choke collar Dog Harnesses that can potentially hurt the dog when it is being tugged at the leash. Not to mention that it would be easier on your arms too.

There are actually many different ways to put on a dog harness. Some harnesses are made with velcro, so you can easily slip the harness over the dog’s chest and through its legs and stitch it up after. Most harnesses are adjustable to fit different dog sizes. You would just have to adjust the harness to be firm but at the same time comfortable on your pal.

In selecting the right harness for your pet, consider if it matches your dog’s personality. For instance, if you have a large pit bull, then a spiked harness is appropriate. Another thing to look consider in choosing such device is its safety. Ensure that the harness is neither too big nor too small that it could suffocate your poor dog. Also check the adjustable buckles. Make sure they are firm and won’t slip and pinch your pet’s skin.

Start by holding the harness out in front of you and snap the buckle closed. Lay the harness on your lap.

Position your pet with its head away from you, its back side close to your legs. If he struggles, gently place him between your legs to keep him in one place.

Then ensure the harness is in the same position as you laid it on your lap. Lift the dog’s right leg up and move it through the large hole.

Reach for your dog’s left leg. Pull the two sides of the buckle together, and then snap at the back of the left leg. Depending on your angle, the back and the underbelly of your dog must have pieces of the harness in I or H shape.

Lastly, attach the leash to the metal ring on your pet’s back.

Walking your dog using a harness will not only help you have better control over him, it will also help prevent neck and spine injury. Try it yourself and have the most pleasant and safest walk with your pal.


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